4 Foods for Diabetes Patients
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1) Green leafy vegetables . They are rich in different minerals and vitamins , and that’ s why they are so important for your body . They will help you replenish those
nutrients that usually get wasted as a part of this disease . The best thing is that such food products are fat free , so that they should be included in your diet plan .

2) Fruits . They include a number of essential nutrients , just like vegetables . Another great thing is that they are high in fiber , and this component plays a big role in maintaining your healthy digestion . Fruits contain anti - oxidants, so that they can improve your immune system and make you resistible to different infections and other health issues.

3) High protein foods . Any diabetes diet plan should include a lot of protein . Focus on such food products as beans,
white meat , peanuts, egg whites and seeds because they will provide your body with the necessary amount . They will help you preserve its health and integrity , so that your cells won ’ t become damages and exhausted .

4) Complex carbohydrates . Their basic role is to help diabetes patients maintain their blood sugar levels . Choose them over simple carbohydrates to make your diet program successful. They will provide you with a better control .

There are other steps that should be taken to control your blood sugar levels . The most widespread one is making insulin injections . They should be controlled by your physician. Some doctors decide to prescribe their patients with certain medications to support their treatment plan . Everything depends on the severity of your disease , certain body needs and other factors.
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