Best Way To Save Money

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Get a roommate: If you’re single, or even if you’re a couple, you can cut your housing costs substantially by living with a roommate who will also then chip in for all the utilities, plus shoulder some chores.

Move in with family: Depending on your age, you may have the option of moving in with your parents or other relatives who could host you either for free or very little. There’s no shame in being financially prudent (but a lot, deserved or not, when you’re in debt) — just be sure to sock away your savings so you can eventually get your own place.

Walk: If you live in a pedestrian-friendly area, this is the cheapest mode of transportation. Absolutely free, and you get exercise!

Share a car: Just because you’re a two-person household doesn’t necessarily mean you need two cars. Try getting by with one to save on car costs, insurance, gas, maintenance and more.

Buy a hybrid car: If you plan on keeping your next car for a while, buying a hybrid can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Use this comparison tool by the U.S. Department of Energy to find out your break-even point and yearly savings.

Use Skype, Vonage, Whatsapp and other call and texting apps to minimize mobile minutes and texts needed: Get smarter about your cell phone usage. Call other Skype users for free, or use Vonage, which also uses the internet to make calls. With texting apps like Whatsapp, your messages won’t count toward the total on your mobile bill.

Install low-flow showerheads and faucets: They can drop your water usage by a whopping 25%-60%.

Install solar panels: Solar could pay off handsomely depending on the location of your home — both for the amount of sun your house receives and because of rebates in your state. Google’s Sunroof Project uses Google Maps’ aerial imagery to model how much sun would hit your roof over the course of the year (taking into account trees and shadows from nearby buildings) plus a database of federal and state tax credits and more to determine how much you might save.
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